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The monumental complex of Ston and its walls have a centuries - old history. Due to a rather prominent geographical location, a short isthmus connecting the Pelješac peninsula with the mainland, and extraordinary natural resources, fertile fields with an abundance of water and salt, the Ston area was settled as early as the prehistoric times. The town area of the medieval Ston expanded over the southern slopes of Sveti Mihajlo (ST. Michael Hill). A settlement on the top has existed since prehistory. The St. Michael’s Church, located in the immediate vicinity of the present-day town, is one of the most valuable monuments from the Early Middle Ages. In Roman times Ston was named Turris Stagi. In 1333 it become part of the Dubrovnik Republic. From that time, all until the fall of the Dubrovnik Republic in 1808, Ston was its integral part and the second largest town after Dubrovnik. The inhabitants of Dubrovnik built and fortified the town to defend Peljesac and to protect the salterns, out of which they made a high profit. When the construction of the fortifications with 5.5 km long walls was finished in 1333, it was the longest fortification complex in Europe and the second largest in the world, after the famous Chinese wall. Ston is a rich treasury of cultural and historical monuments. Many of them are classified under the highest category of protection; the tame and picturesque Mediterranean landscape makes this small town and its environment even more beautiful. Tourists are especially attracted by gastronomic specialties of the region, primary oysters, mussels and other seafood that makes the Malostonski Bay famous. In other words, Ston should be visited and enjoyed in every sense.


Hotel Ostrea - Mali Ston

The hotel Ostrea is 4 km in distance to the main road which connects Dubrovnic – a pearl of Adriatic Sea – with other parts of Croatia. The channel of Mali Ston has been pronounced a natural park, and a special unique cultural heritage has made Ston, founded in 1333, a monument of zero category.

The hotel Ostrea is an ideal place for businessmen and tourists requiring rest. The family runs the hotel in guarantee of high service. The guest have at disposal nine rooms and one apartment. Each room is air-conditioned, on-line phone and satellite TV connection,. and a mini-bar, a business lounge “Maslina”, a restaurant “Mlinica”, their own parking place and motor fleet.

A family tavern “Kapetanova Kuca” (Captain’s House) is in the vicinity o the hotel, a destination of all the connoisseurs of the specialties of Ston, gourmets of delicious cuisine of Ston with a bottle of vintage wine of Pelješac. Having tasted oysters, shells or “black risotto” you will get to know the culinary contribution offered by Ston and the family Kralj to the global gastronomy, thus having obtained a global passport.

Welcome to the hotel Ostrea in Mali Ston, owned by family Kralj, who according to the preserved ancient manuscript has been dwelling on this area since the 16th century


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